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      Available careers

      Open positions at Lumion

      At the moment there are no job openings. Please check back at a later time.

      About Lumion

      Lumion is visualization software that is changing the way architects work. Not so long ago, presenting self-made, realistic 3D flythrough films to clients was just a dream for many architects.

      Since launching in 2010, Lumion has been embraced by architects in over 100 countries around the world. Lumion helps architects visually communicate their ideas better and faster than ever before, by allowing their clients to step into a virtual building and experience it, long before it exists in reality.


      Our Company

      We’re disruptive, successful, medium-sized and growing. Driven to create truly excellent and innovative 3D visualization software, we work hard but try not to take ourselves too seriously.

      Highly adaptable and constantly evolving, we are passionate about our product, and we live for our customers. We fiercely concentrate on the content of our work and yet constantly strive to recognize and tap into the talent of all individuals in the company.

      We have high expectations, and a career at Act-3D means challenging yourself to always be better.